How dare you computer tech to block me from talking the real 228 story minutes ago? ||||||You lie and you hurt, you must be locked inside your own most miserable nightmare no way out.|||||| American werewolf or werewolves, why you abused your sucking computer tech to block me from speaking honestly a 結婚bout 228 lie, while you allow those sucking shameless brainless immoral cold cold hard "Zheng.Hong.Ill" alike keeping tooling that lie to attact so called we the "Y.Sheng.Deed.2.Die" that most sucking disgusting "Zhi.Sun. 東森房屋Mar.Quite" coward evil trace? You fear me to tell the real story, why you not do your duty to kill anyone who dare keep mention that sucking 228 Lie? We sucking "Y.Sheng.Deed.2.Die' is the minority's minority in Taiwan, we already done 代償 our best to avoid that sucking topic, why you keep allow those sucking shameless brainless immoral cold cold hard so called Taiwanese liars chase that topic after us, those sucking shameless brainless immoral cold cold hard too suck to know how to be a good wi 土地買賣nner, how dare you think anyone of them can be a good loser? You dare send your sucking U.S. Military to go to Afghan to kill innocent Afghan people, why not dare to send your military to kill all your own sucking slaved liars in Taiwan? --------------------------------------- 烏來溫泉----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------228 is American werewolves slaved controlled tooled slaved in Taiwan committed the crime of "Lie of Die"; those slaved abused one body to have many names many forms, when Taiwan government must issue one ID 襯衫for one person only, all of those liars were caught inside "分身乏術" hells, therefore, they made up that 228 lie so that they can only have one form one body to get that ID from Taiwan Government, and reported the rest of their names and forms already died. Why they need to have many names and many forms for one body? So t 室內設計hat they can demand American werewolves to pay more pay checks, the same time they can have more names more forms to hide like Chinese said "狡.Tool.3.Cool", the difference is they cannot be satisfied by "3.Cool", they must do whatever it takes to make it become "Chain.Cool". Then, how come those so called pieces of dead body parts? Those de 烤肉食材ad body parts were belonging to those sucking shameless brainless immoral cold cold hard Taiwanese slaves's Japanese Master(s) and their entire family/relatives members; those shameless brainless immoral cold cold hard Taiwanese slaved murdered their Japanese Master(s), then taken over all property and Japanese IDs left behind by them, so that they not only 室內設計occupy their master's property but also got more names and more forms in Japan (That may explain how come after British retreated out of Hong Kong, Hong Kong street immediately flooded with unaccountable Japanese stuffs every where.) to hide to high to hired.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 澎湖民宿  .

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